Sandy Sergeant, President 
                           Sandra Sergeant is the owner of Connecticut Caring Solutions, a home care company and the 8th largest woman-owned business in Connecticut. Trained as a Nurse, Sergeant found her calling     when she discovered the Home Care Nursing Specialty.

Michael Edwards, VP Evangelism 
The pathway to God for Michael started at birth in London, England and matured in Brooklyn, New York. In 2011, God called him into full-time ministry as a Missionary Relief Worker. This call to ministry birthed The 7th Scroll - the outreach and in-reach vehicle in which God's messages are shared. With his wife, Joanna-Marie, they both labor daily for the Master by promoting the Word of God to the general public through free charitable services in Brooklyn, New York. The three primary services include transportation, food/clothes distribution, and Bible Studies. 

Hugh Wesley Carrington, VP of Membership and Recruitment
Hugh serves as Lead Consultant at Bridge Ministries Consulting, Inc. (BMCI) and also as Adjunct Professor at Long Island University in the School of Business, the Department of Social Work, and the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. BMCI provides innovative spiritual solutions for Christian leaders. The services are designed to help churches and religious organizations optimize their performance spiritually and organizationally. The core service, PrayerMatters, is designed to help underscore the prominence that prayer must have in the lives of church members and chiefly in the lives of church leaders. The Organizational Learning & Development and Research & Evaluation services are complementary services to help churches achieve an advantage by realizing their optimal power for ministry. Hugh is the author of the new book, Inevitable and Imminent: On Becoming a House of Prayer – The Process. He draws on his experience in sociology and business to outline the process of how a church can transition from simply being a “church” to become a “house of prayer.” Author, professor, speaker, consultant – but before anything else, Hugh is a Christian who believes in the power of prayer. He resides in Brooklyn, NY and is a member of the Hanson Place SDA Church. Hugh is married to the former Maxine Cenac and is the adoring father of a bright teenage girl – Serina Jordan Carrington.

Ivan Raj, VP of Communications
Ivan has over 8 years of experience and success in Leadership, Management and Business Development. Ivan also has had experience in Retail Sales & Marketing in NYC. He is the CEO of Heidi's Health Kitchen ( For several years he has been interested in starting a venture through which “Health Reformation” can be promoted. Through Providence, after connecting with Heidi Tompkins, this interest translated into a reality and "Heidi's Health Kitchen" was born. His passion is to teach The Love of Christ to new converts of Christianity from Aethism, Islam and Hinduism. He is also an active member in his Church and he loves Traveling, and leaning to preparing new Plant-Based Foods.

Lance Wilbur, General VP
Lance A. Wilbur, would be described by those close to him as a faithful servant of the Lord. One dedicated to his family and loyal to friends. Those who understand the pits from which God has drawn him possess evidence of redemptive power. Ultimately, he desires a ministry glorifying God both within the home and without, resulting in the multiplication of the Kingdom. He became a Christian at the age of 20. Since that time he has been fully entrenched in various forms of gospel missionary evangelism. Lance is blessed with his wonderful wife, Evita, and four healthy children, Zariah, Adianna, Sophia, and Lance Jr., he is a walking miracle and it is this most-humbling realization that fuels his desire to seek and serve those whom Christ has bidden; educating and arming others to do the same. Lance currently serves as Co-Director of Tekoa Missions, a missionary outpost located in the beautiful hills of western New Hampshire. 

Anston Roberts, Greater New York Conference Representative
He is also currently the co-founder and President of EndTime Message Ministries, located at 4015 Church Avenue in Brooklyn New York. His passion is soul winning,something that he has been doing form his youth. He is the husband of Sheron Roberts who is also a powerful lay preacher, he is the father of two young adults Shimea and Anston J.

Stephen Lee - VP Logistics Representative
Stephen Lee's greatest desire is to make the gospel practical in everyone's lives. At the age of 18, he was suicidal by a depression of not knowing the purpose of his life. Thankfully, God had reached out to him just in time with the spark of the blessed hope. So after high school, he set out on a journey to spread and live out the hope despite his family's threats and their rejection of the SDA beliefs. Now with many years of God-given experiences in preaching, healing, teaching, media, and starting a biznistry, he is the true success coach helping God's people reach their fullest potential, a biznistry teacher guiding Christian entrepreneurs and a creative director equipping Tekoa Missions for worldwide                                                                                                                                                                                                   evangelism.

  Gina is the president and co-founder of  Oon Jai Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization that utilizes health, education, and farming to relieve poverty
in Southeast Asia through sustainable projects. Gina is also an attorney who practices in Massachusetts.